The title for Star Wars VIII has been leaked, and Star Wars fans have been in a frenzy. I myself went crazy when I heard about the new title: “the Last Jedi”. I hade that one feeling in my mind that said:” repeat of episode II and V”. Since the title release, we have all thought the same question: “who is going to die? Or will someone be captured by a bounty hunter? Or will the director change the series tradition and send every nerd in the world into hysterics?” I myself have worked for hours trying to muster enough info to write this post. I now present to you, the top predictions for Star Wars VIII Shadows Of The Dark Side. WARNING!! SPOILERS!!! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW!!! IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE FOR ALL ETERNITY!.*

  1. Rey will learn about her dark past, and learn that Luke killed her parents.
  2. Kylo Ren will go back to the light side, and gain a new lightsaber.
  3. Luke will turn evil, and try to bring Darth Vader back to life.
  4. Supreme leader Snoak will be reveled as Darth plagus, the original Sith Lord.
  5. Rey will be tempted by the dark side, as well as lose her right hand.
  6. Finn will return with a bionic spine.
  7. Finns past will be revealed.
  8. Han Solo will have a funeral.
  9. The credits will dedicate the movie to Kenny Bake, and Carrie Fisher.
  10. Chewie will die.
  11. Poe Dameron will make his move on Rey, Han Solo Style.
  12. At the end, Rey will get to keep Luke’s lightsaber.
  13. Captain Phasma will turn out to be the daughter of Boba Fett.
  14. Princess General Leia will find Kylo Ren and turn him to the light side.
  15. Rey will ask Luke  if he is her father, he will reply :”no, you are my father”.

Well, that’s really all the relevant predictions I could muster on the web, after a long and tedious two weeks of research. Post your comments down below and tell me what YOU (not your weird friends who you need to dump)think of this article. Was it good? Did you like it? Do you have any other ideas? let me know in the comment section. Do you think that the upcoming blockbuster Oscar winning movie will be good? What is your favorite prediction? Do you have one? If so, let me know and I will acknowledge it… 5 FOLLOWERS!! WWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The following predictions are predictions that are thought of by the author, and the feeling that he has towards the movie(s) are part of  his own view on what might happen.


  1. Matthew (Post author)

    the next post will be a review of Rogue 1 a star wars story
    DO NOT READ IT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Makayla H.

    Dear Matthew

    I thought your predictions were interesting. I think that two predictions you made will happen, #9 & #8. That sounds allot like it already has happened, or will most likely happen.

    Thanks for the sneak peek!


    1. Matthew (Post author)

      Well, Caelum, was it? We haven’t actually seen any dedications for the 2 passed legends yet, and thank you for the advice on #8


  3. Bradley Eldridge

    Hey Matthew! I think your movie predictions were very interesting. But don’t you think that numbers 3, 5, 6, and 15 are a bit unlikely?

    1. Matthew (Post author)

      Dear Bradley, read the fine print. it says the same thing in every prediction post.
      thank you for the feedback


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