Rogue One, A Star Wars Story movie review: WARNING! SPOILERS!!

The saga continues… Sort of. Most Star Wars junkies have always wondered “Where in that galaxy far, far away did those Death Star plans come from?” Oh sure, we’ve had lots of theories in the past, but now we shall finally learn the truth. In the movie Rogue One, A Star Wars Story, we (the audience) get transported back to that galaxy far, far away that we all love, to the time of the Empire and the revolution of the Rebellion. We soon learn that the infamous Grand Moff Tarken wasn’t the mastermind behind the all powerful, Death Star, as shown in the all terrible prequels (aka Episode III). We learn early on in the film that a scientist by the name of Galen Erso worked for the Empire for a while, serving as lead scientist and engineer for the Death Star. Until he became a father. Once he learned that what he was doing was wrong, he left the Empire, along with his family to farm in the outer rim. However, Galen knew that his peaceful and quiet days would one day come to an end. And when the Empire did come for him, they took him away and killed his wife in the process, His daughter Jyn, however, escaped. And who was the man who took him away? None other than Orson Krennic, director of project Stardust, aka: the Death Star. Galen knows that the Empire doesn’t need his help, so he creates a weakness: the faulty reactor core.

Around fifteen years later Galen sends a defecting imperial pilot to send a message to an old ally of the Republic, Saw Gerrera. The Rebellion quickly learns of this message, and the pilot that could solve some questions for them. All they have to do is find Jyn, recruit her, and have her sent to the planet Jeddha to talk with Saw. Jyn is teamed up with some recruits, Cassian Andor, the leader of the team, and the reprogramed imperial droid K-2SO. Along the way they get a new helper, Chirrut Imwe, the blind guardian of the Jedi temple on Jeddha. The only thing they have to do is get to Saw, read the transmission, and not get killed in the process.

The movie itself, in my opinion, is a whole lot better than The Force Awakens. If you don’t think that than, you’re officially banned from this website. The one major change that a lot of my kind knew what was going to happen was the infamous title crawl in the beginning. What Lucasfilm/Disney did instead was when Jyn was taken in by Saw Gerrera in the beginning was they put in just two words on the screen in space and all it said was: Rogue One.

Post your loving, and amazing comments below and tell me what you think of this review. Was it helpful? Did you enjoy the movie (If you didn’t, LEAVE!!)? Did I forget any details? What was your favorite part in the movie? Be sure to check out my other posts about Star Wars and other movies. I will be writing a review about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice soon. 5 FOLLOWERS… WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


  1. maggie

    great idea for the star war! supper exited for this next movie to come out!!!

  2. Matthew (Post author)

    thanx for the compliment. though, I think the phrase your looking for is ‘Star Wars’


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