How To Spot continuity Errors In Popular Films 2017 Edition

Mistakes happen. It’s just life. Hundreds of hours are spent making a film, and even more in editing. But sometimes a mistake might slip through, or the history based on said story might not add up. Not every film is perfect, and there are always minor mistakes that slip through editing. Here are ways to spot a continuity error in a popular film.

  1. Check the backgrounds

As William Wallace and his BRAVE Insurgents charge at King Edwards soldiers in the movie Braveheart, you can see a small mini-van in the background. And in Gladiator, you can see as one of the chariots falls over, and CO2 tank is clearly visible. This is one of many back ground editing errors made in awesome movies. One way you can spot these errors is to watch the actors reactions and check if anything is out of place. check for crew members that got included by accident, or if even a character is missing.

2. Check the small objects.

We all know about the “moving mug” mistake. Usually, after a long day of filming, the directors will forget to put props back, and they will remain where they are. In one of the old Godzilla movies,, during a meeting between two people, you could see a mug, and even a plant moving back and forth between places.

3. Check the actors reactions

In the movie Django: Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character slams his hand on a table cutting his hand in the process. He then brings over a slave and smears his blood all over her, leaving the woman grossed out and confused. This is probably one of the coolest, and weirdest, errors in a film. All you have to do is look at injuries that look to good to be true, and the cast, to see if they will look at the camera crew or the directors. trust me, it happens all the time.

4. Know your history

A lot of times in movies that are based on real life stories, the directors or screenwriters may forget about a key point in the story, or forget to add someone in. One way to spot this is to read about the film before you watch it. Besides, you could always use a little more history, am I right or am I right or am I right?


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