Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Movie Review (SPOILERS!!!) (duh)

Not everybody likes violence. Take Desmond Doss for example. He hates violence, but he hates guns even more. When he was, oh, say, ten years old, he and his younger brother were wrestling in the front yard, doing the usual brother thing, when Desmond went so far as to hit his little bro in the head with a brick! Crazy stuff! He was so stunned by the fact that he cold have killed his brother. Years go by, Desmond becomes a teenager, his alcoholic dad and peaceful mom start fighting… Again. Desmond’s dad goes as far as to point a gun at his Mrs. Doss, but young Desmond comes to the rescue, only to hold the gun at his dad in the end. He could have pulled the trigger, but he didn’t. After those series of unfortunate events (hint, hint) Desmond made an oath to God and the rest of the world that he would never touch a weapon again, nor take a human life, to obey the ten commandments.

More times goes on, WWII comes along, and Desmond wants to enlist, his dad doesn’t want him to though. It’s not long before Desmond wants to become a medic, when he meets a girl by the name of Dorothy Schutte. The same kind of thing goes down, they fall in love, he goes to boot camp, and is stationed in Okinawa. Where in Okinawa? Hell.

This Mel Gibson film is wonderfully told, and won an Oscar for “Best editing” and nominated for three others.¬†Rightly so. However, this film isn’t rated R for a splash of violence. Oh no. it’s littered with gore, blood, and gunplay violence that has rightly earned it’s R rating. However, Mel Gibson reportedly edited out all the f-words and misuses of Jesus name from the film. but we still hear a lot of other harsh profanities, including the S-word and WWII language for the opposing sides, as well as many others. But the film does have a VERY¬†good message about loyalty, self sacrifice, and honor. When the film first came out, everybody on social media was saying, and I quote “OMGOSH!! JUST SAW HACKSAW RIDGE!!! SO GOOD!!! BTW THE FIRST 5 MINUTES ARE THE WORST” That is a lie. A downright lie. I think that this person got ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ mixed up with ‘Saving Private Ryan’ it’s really about and hour and a half into the film where it gets messy. Let me end this review with this: This movie is good for older teens and adults, NOT FOR KIDS.

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