What in the world is “IT”? A Few Things You Need To Know About Pennywise the Clown

We all have our fears. My Mom is afraid of snakes, and my sister is scared of spiders. I am personally afraid of clowns, specifically Pennywise the Clown. The trailer for Stephen King’s terrifying novel about the clown that terrorizes the little town of Derry has been released and fans have been sent into an uproar. The original movie was supposed to be a TV mini series, but it was only crammed into two episodes. The producers decided to air it as a mini series and then make it into a REALLY long movie. IT was a fantastic hit, and with the reboot coming out September 8th you might want to know how to kill your worst nightmare.

  1. Pennywise is an alien

it’s no surprise than Pennywise isn’t human, but alien? REALLY Stephen King? I mean, I like your work, but an alien? What happened, did you run out of evil bad guy origins? Oh well. Yes Pennywise is an alien. He came from another dimension millions of years ago (Supposedly) called the Dead Lights. Seriously, the whole dimension a bunch of orange orbs, just floating around. He was then cast out for being too ‘unholy’ by eating his own kind. he was then exiled to earth, never to come back again. Lucky us right?

2. Pennywise has many names

When your a bad guy, you have to change your name a lot to hide from your enemies. When Pennywise first got to earth, he disguised himself as a postman named Bob. REALLY Stephen King? Bob? What happened? Did you run out of names in the ‘evil bad guy’ department? He has also been known as the “Eater of Worlds” “Pennywise” “IT” and the list goes on and on.

3. Pennywise is a picky eater

It’s been made clear that Pennywise eats people, but he really prefers “Terrified flesh” because it “Taste’s better” I don’t see how that makes a difference really. Pennywise has had this technique where he would scare his victims, and the brain would release some hormones throughout the body, which just so happens to be Pennywise’ favorite type of hormone.

4. Pennywise has LOTS of super powers (sort of)

Pennywise has quite a few powers that give him the upper hand on “Feeble humans” many of which I actually marvel at. He has partial invisibility, shapeshifting, manipulation, teleportation, as well as a healing factor.

5. Pennywise isn’t what you think he is.

“Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them” (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

We all know that our eyes can play tricks on us, and it’s a good thing for Pennywise to, or else we could see him a mile away. “I’m your worst nightmare! I’m only what your pretty little mind allows you to see!” we can’t actually see what he is, because our mind doesn’t want us to see it. what we really see is when he transforms into his true form, he’s just a big spider. [Spoilers!!!!!!!!!] when Pennywise reveals his true form to the losers club, all they see is a huge spider. and guess how they kill him. they push him over and cut him up. When he fell down he was probably thinking “Oh no! they found the one thing that can kill me!!! PHYSYCLE ABUSE!!!!”

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  1. Dad

    The hormones secreted during severe stress and/or shock include Dopamine, Epinephrine and Lactic Acid (depending on the nature and length of the insult). And they definitely make meat taste better.


    1. Matthew (Post author)

      They sure do!!! YUM!!

      -Bob the Postman


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