How to pick the right family movie, a quick guide by Mattsome

We all like to relax after a hard days work, especially with our family and friends, but how do we find the right movie to watch? I mean, it can’t be that hard right? WRONG!! There are so many selections out there that we don’t even know if they are any good, unless you read my reviews which I hope you do. Oh sure we have IMDb and YouTube to tell us if it’s any good, but is it reliable? Here are a few ways to know if a movie is worth your time.


  1. Watch the trailer

This is one thing that I usually don’t recommend, but in this case, if you’re feeling desperate go at it, unless it’s Batman v superman, Suicide Squad, I could go on and on. You need to watch the trailer and see if it looks to good to be true, and one way to do that is to see if all the good scenes are crammed into it, by your standards.

2. Ask others

if you have trust issues, move on. I have had a lot of cases where I would have to ask one of my friends if a movie was good or not, and sometimes they would be wrong. For instance: Batman v Superman. A lot of my friends had gone to see this movie, but most of them came back angry and upset, all except for one. He said that it was amazing and that it was totally worth his time. And I went and saw it. trust me, he got spammed some texts after that.

3. Check Rotten Tomatoes

We all know how rotten Tomatoes works, a bunch of critics get a few private screenings and give it a 1 to 100 percentage score. Doc. Strange for instance got 100%, known as “CERTIFIED FRESH” with a legit stamp. They are pro’s at this and should be trusted when you are presented with this kind of problem.

4. Judge it by it’s cover

Most of the time, if a movie goes well at the box office, it will be released on DVD 4 months later, whereas if a movie goes rotten, give a between a week to about 2 months.

Well, that’s our list. Post your comments down below and let me know what you think of our list. did you like it? will you be using it? If you like my post, subscribe and share. If you didn’t, well, haters gonna hate.



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  1. Kayla Marie

    Great ideas, Matthew! Another thing that we do is check plugged in or common sense media for movie reviews.


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