Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie review!! (SPOILERS!!) [duh]

Jack Sparrow isn’t the young pirate he once was. He’s older and… We’ll just stop right there. He’s having a hard time doing anything to keep his crew around, as well as keeping his ship-in-a-bottle safe. Years ago, Blackbeard shrank his beloved Pearl into a small “miniature” infamous Black Pearl. Ever since then, he has vowed to keep it safe. But, Jack is losing his luck. Ever since that ridiculously AWESOME bank heist that didn’t go so well, he doesn’t have much to give to his crew. Well, the crew that just left him at least. So, as usual, he goes to get some rum, only he has no $$$$$, so, while hesitating, he trades his compass in for just one bottle of rum. It’s really a shame to see that compass go to waste.

While it may look like the compass doesn’t work and doesn’t point north, the holder isn’t trying to find north, but the thing they want most. Once Jack trades his good ol’ compass, the earth shakes, everyone is sent into a panic, and Jack realizes that might’ve been him. But no matter, at least he got the rum. But why did the earth shake? Well, many, MANY years ago, young Jack was being trained as a pirate on the high seas when they were undo attack by some dude named Salazar. He had “Vowed to eliminate them all” when Jack had out smarted them by leading him and his crew to the “Devils Triangle” to be tormented until Jack were to give up the object that defeated them, that being his compass. And he’s slowly scouring the seas, destroying ships and always leaving one survivor to spread the message that he and his dead crew are coming.

They’re coming for Captain Jack Sparrow. Now Jack, Henry Turner, the son of none other than Will Turner, Captain of The Flying Dutchman, and the mysterious Carina must set of to find the Trident of Poseidon to stop this Zombie-Like Crusader from killing Jack, if he can stay on his feet at least.

The newest instalment of the “Pirate’s” saga is definitely better than some of the previous films *cough cough* the 4th film, and has a very satisfying ending, it takes us on a new journey to a new world with new characters, and new adventures, but there’s just one problem, The saga just need’s to stop.

I am a HUGE Pirate’s fan, and have been for a bout 5 years now, and it seems that I can’t get enough of Jack Sparrow, but that has all changed. When the first film came out, you would see the wobbly guy dressed in torn clothes, trying to keep his balance thinking “This guy is an IDIOT” until he escapes by swinging in the air with riffles shooting at him left and right, and emerging without a scratch. That has all changed. Now, he’s this middle-aged drunk who is doing everything by accident, and not trying really hard, at all. Granted the special effects and CGI are “spell bounding” and the acting is “Superb” it’s evident that Disney just doesn’t know when to stop. Given everything stated above, I can only give it 4 out of 5 swashbuckling pirates. For a Family friendly review about this film or anything at your local box-office, visit pluggedin.com or click here for a review about this film: http://www.pluggedin.com/movie-reviews/pirates-of-the-caribbean-dead-men-tell-no-tales

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