Saving Private Ryan Movie Review (FINALLY) [SPOILERS!!!] {duh}

“Earn this Ryan, earn it…” SPOILER!!! Those were the last words of Captain Miller in this utterly FANTASTIC film Saving Private Ryan. First, let’s get a bit of backstory here. It’s D-Day, and Captain Miller is a bit stressed. I mean, his men are dying right in front of his face, and being torn apart by bomb fragments left and right. Talk about stress overload!! After fighting to take back the beach, and setting up camp, Captain Miller is given a mission, go find a Private named James Ryan, who has three brothers in the war with him as well. Well, had. The brothers all joined at the same time, but were sent to different places in the war, yet all seeing combat. The first one died on Omaha in front of Captain Miller, The second died in a Raid in Japan, and the third died in Germany, all within a 5 day period. Now their mother is going to receive all three telegrams at the same time. Now Captain miller has been sent along with a few other soldiers to go and get Ryan and bring him home, if they can stay alive, that is.

The first 25 minutes or so is the most graphic. I started the movie with the one of my friends who had already seen it saying “It’s just the first 5 minutes, and it’s not even that bad” And so, as it started, after the five minute mark, I expected it to stop, but it didn’t. Nope, it kept on going for nearly a half an hour. It was upsetting, and eye-opening, showing what really happens in war. Before I watched this movie I was a BIG first-person shooter gamer, playing Halo, etc. Until I saw Ryan. I haven’t played a first-person shooter game since then. The film is MASTERFULLY told by Director Steven Spielberg, and won FIVE Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor.

However, There is quite a bit of objectionable content in here. Language mounts up to over 30 f- and s-words. Soldiers usually talk about sexual exploits from back home while on the battlefield to calm themselves. Gore and blood is at it’s highest, there are splatters, bullet-riddled bodies, severed limbs, disemboweled torsos, spurting arteries and decapitations that will still upset a lot of young viewers, if they can even watch this that is. There will be a link below for a full family review bout this film.

I am giving this film 5/5 WOO’s for great acting, screenplay, and story.

Well, that’s our review, did you like it? Did you think the film was great as well? Let me know in the comment section on what I should post next. Right now I’m thinking about the Transformers movies. 20 FOLLOWERS!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!


link to family friendly review about this film:


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