Top 12 Predictions for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” SPOILERS!!

Aren’t you excited for Rogue One? I certainly am! More than 80% of Movie fans (such as myself and the majority of my family) have never wondered how the Rebellion gained the information to destroy the dreaded and infamous, Death Star. Crazy, huh? Sure we all presumed that they just found it lion (Disney jokes) around and used it to destroy the fearsome weapon. But, what they didn’t tell us is how they came upon the plans. The creators thought “Hey, it just might be time to tell how it came to be!”. And so they did. They also thought about giving the amazing, Luke Skywalker and the smuggler, Han Solo each a stand-alone movie. The titles are “Red 5(Five)” and “Solo”. But enough chit-chat, here are the top 12 predictions of “Rogue One: a Star Wars Story”. WARNING: SPOILERS ARE CONTAINED! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Note: The most relevant predictions will be at the top, and the crazy ones at the bottom.

1. Construction for the Death Star will be continued from Episode III.
2. The plans for the Death Star will be shown on a substantial scale and the infamous death crystal will be given some screen time as well.
3. The beginning of the Rebelion will be revealed!
4. Darth Vader will make an appearance.
5.  We will witness the construction of the X-wing and the Tie-Fighter, as well as their first test drive.
6. Once the plans are acquired they will be transmitted to Princess Leia aboard the Rebellion command ship.
7. The plot will not align with the old Omnibus books (if you read those, you might be deeply disappointed)
8. The main character, Jyn Erso, will die (hence the limp in the trailer as she approaches a Tie-Fighter)
9. The AT-AT walkers will have their own origin moment.
10. The gigantic Lightsaber crystal will be used to power the Death Star.
11. Luke Skywalker will gaze into the sky at the end of the movie and view a glorious space battle.
12. The creators will use the deleted scene that involves Luke and his space friend, Biggs, talking about how life stinks on Tatooine.

That’s all the top secret information I could discover on the web. Post your comments down below and tell me what YOU (not your weird friends) think of these predictions. If you have any additional predictions on just what might happen in this GLORIOUS (possibly terrible) Star Wars film, write them below… 5 FOLLOWERS… WOO!

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