Top 14 Predictions For “Justice League” WARNING:(POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!)

Batman v Superman. Nearly everyone who saw the highly anticipated blockbuster thought their legs were being pulled. As the story went on, they began to criticize it, thinking that the trailer made the movie look better than it actually was. IMDB gave it a 4.1/10.0, and other companies gave it even worse ratings. But the one question on everyone’s (chapped) lips is: “will Justice League be any different?”. I can tell you from personal Warner Brothers movie experience is: ” no, probably not.” I myself am a Flash fan, and my friend Savannah and I are ALWAYS fighting about “Who would be the better Flash?”. My preference has always been Ezra Miller, because he is the better Flash anyway. She would always say “Grant Gustin, because he’s in the TV show”. Well, it looks like we will find out in 2017. Here are the top predictions on what Justice League might be like. WARNING!: SPOILERS ARE CONTAINED! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN BATMAN V SUPERMAN, OR SUICIDE SQUAD, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE! NOTE: THE MOST RELEVANT PREDICTIONS WILL BE LISTED AT THE TOP, AND THE CRAZY ONES AT THE BOTTOM.

  1. Superman will rise from the dead, revealing Black Lantern armor and a Black Lantern ring.
  2. Cyborg’s backstory will be given some screen time, as well as his dad making his armor/body.
  3. Warner Bros. will give it their best and try to show how PITIFUL Barry Allen’s life is.
  4. Green Arrow will be given a cameo appearance.
  5. Wonder Woman will kick some serious tail.
  6. The audience will learn that Lois Lane REALLY IS the key.
  7. We will learn the reason why the Flash went back in time through that mystical portal to tell Bruce to find Lois.
  8. Audience will cry, as well as sue Warner Brothers.
  9. Once Superman faces Lois and his mom, the Black Lantern ring will turn to dust, he will become good again, and the audience will go nuts
  10. The NEW Robin will be given some screen time
  11. The Suicide Squad will be given screen time
  12. Everything given in Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman will make sense
  13. Constant jokes on how the Flash is SO puny will be made
  14. Green Lantern(not Ryan Reynolds)[thank goodness] will  also be given a cameo appearance.

Well, that’s all the info that I could muster on the new upcoming blockbuster, Oscar winning, fan-loving film. I can say for sure that this movie is going to be awful. Post your comments down bellow and tell me what you think of this article. Was it good? Do you have any more info? If so I shall use it, if it is valid. 5 FOLLOWERS! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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