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Greetings and salutations to all my friends and movie bloggers out there. My name is Matt, but you can call me Mattsome. This blog was created for school purposes, such as, well, a blogging class. This is a niche blog, so I won’t be talking about cooking, working out or any of that, at least, not in this blog. The title, Movie Predictions 101, came to me when I selected my niche: movies. Quick trivia question, do you know how many movies have been created in the last hundred years?  Over 500,000 since last summer!

Crazy huh?

I live on the planet Mars with my four siblings, two loving parents, and relatives every few lightyears. Back to the trivia question. The reason I bring this up is because people love movies, can I get an Amen? I remember first watching Star wars IV A New Hope, and being a total victim to movies. Since then I have wanted to know more about movies, and have devoted my whole life to watching, and studying them… Well I think “Devoted” is a little bit to strong. Every summer there are always the best movies that come out in theaters, such as The Avengers, IT, Avatar, and a whole lot more. But people usually always wonder what will happen in the next big movie. That is where my blog comes in. I myself have a LOT of movie knowledge and comic knowledge as well, which comes in handy these days, which would give people an idea on what could happen in, say Iron Man 4. I myself, along with google have a LOT of ideas on what could happen. This blog could also help give other movie nerds ideas for their own blog. I will also give ideas on how to predict what will happen in the next fan favorite. Now, this isn’t ‘cinema sins’ like on YouTube, but I will at least try to make you laugh and brighten you day. post your comments down below and tell me what YOU think of my blog. not what your weird friends think of it, but YOU. I am setting a goal of followers. so… 5 million followers… WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


I write posts every Monday and Friday, unless I’m feeling lazy, or my Wi-Fi crashes (which happens often) STAY TUNNED!

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  1. Matthew (Post author)

    the first post regarding Star Wars will be published sometime this month or in December, be sure to tune in for a special SNEEK PEEK on Rogue One


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